Saturday, September 25, 2010

Wade Redden is Out

Redden is on his way out
As confirmed by the beat writers of the Rangers Wade Redden will be waived at noon today.

This really comes to no surprise to anybody considering the NYR cap situation and Redden's play during his short tenure here. Don't be surprised to see some other big names on the waiver wire this afternoon as there are a few teams looking to shed some serious cap space in the hopes of getting some breathing room and having a chance at helping out in areas where the team is short.

What are Redden's options now? He could play the contract out in Hartford and be a nice veteran presence in the AHL...He could work out a deal with a team in Europe and head over there...or he could flat out retire which would terminate his contract with the Rangers. I highly doubt he will do the last one because I am sure there is some hockey team around the world who will take him.

For more cool stuff on this check out the beat writers. They have the low down on what is going on.

The Rangers do have another preseason game tonight against the Devils and the lineup will not be as offensive as the other night. Here is the projected lineup:


Del Zotto-Eminger,

Lundqvist in net.

Thanks to Andrew Gross and Jesse Spector for the information. As I said, not as offensive as the other night but certainly capable of holding off the Devils. How it plays out tonight will be interesting as the Rangers will gear up for another preseason on Sunday when they head to Detroit.

Phoenix had a split squad matchup with Los Angeles the other night and ended up winning both of those games which is a good sign considering LA will be one of those teams the Yotes will be butting heads with all season. Tonight however they have split squad games with the Sharks. Click here to head to the Yotes website where Dave Vest has projected lineups for each of the teams.

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