Monday, December 21, 2009

Danbury Hockey Returning

For Danbury hockey fans, it seems hockey will be returning to the Hat City next season as Danbury is a charter member of the Federal Hockey League. The league had a press conference this past Thursday announcing their intentions and the teams who will be charter members will be having their own introductory press conferences over the next few weeks. The Danbury franchise will be the first team to hold one of these on December 29th at the Danbury Ice Arena. Here is the full press release:


On Tuesday, December 29th at 12 noon, the Danbury Hockey franchise of the new professional Federal Hockey League ( will be holding a press conference at the Danbury Ice Arena.

Danbury Hockey will be unveiling the team name, team colors, and introducing the head coach.
In addition the ownership group will be on hand to answer questions and outline their plan for the coming months.

Federal Hockey League officials,
Danbury community leaders, and partners of the team will also have speaking roles in the press conference.

All media are invited to attend.
The event is also open to the general public. All are welcome.

The Danbury Ice Arena is located on
One Independence Way, Danbury, Connecticut.

Special media requests should be directed to Herm Sorcher at 973-713-7547 or email

I encourage all Danbury fans to attend this press conference if at all possible. From listening in on the press conference last Thursday this league seems to have things together. Couple that with the fact they are starting a full 10 months before the season and I would have to say this is the best shot Danbury has at a stable hockey team from the beginning since the Trashers. Check the league website for more information as well as minor league hockey message boards. There is a Facebook group for the league which you can see and join here.

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