Monday, November 30, 2009

No More Mr. Sunshine

I really tried. I really did.
I started this season off optimistic. The seven game winning streak was fun and then the Rangers fell into a rut and are still in it. I tried to keep hope even after the drubbing in Pittsburgh on Saturday night. I really thought tonight the team would respond.
But I was wrong...again. You think I would have learned to not put faith in this team ever by this point. However I tried being optimistic.
Well I'm done being optimistic. I'm done with my hopes being crushed. I'm done.
The Rangers just lost to the Penguins (again) giving up five or more goals for the third straight game. Sidney Crosby had two goals. But no, he wasn't the star of this game. Nope. It was former Danbury Trasher Mike Rupp...scored a hat trick. A HAT TRICK!
Of course the only Ranger to show up was Marian Gaborik as he scored both goals for the Rangers tonight. Props to Gabby, the only guy who has shown up all season. I really feel sorry for him. He has the league lead in goals and is tied for the league lead in points.
But back to the other side of things. This team is softer than a damn roll of Charmin. Gaborik, your leading man this season and a man known to be very injury prone...getting ganged up on by the Penguins. And where are the Rangers? Standing around sucking on their thumbs. STICK UP FOR YOUR TEAMMATES. The Coyotes have had success this season because they have had a PACK MENTALITY. They are in the Western Conference and are surviving, and doing well because of that.
Next do you let Mike Rupp skate up the ice UNTOUCHED? I know he is Mike Rupp but its a basic of hockey. You do not let anyone skate all the way up the ice untouched and undefended. Rozsival is the softest defenseman that I have ever seen. I don't care what needs to happen to get rid of him. Just get it done.
THIS TEAM NEEDS TO GET TOUGHER. That is the difference right now. The system is not working other than for Gaborik.
I have nothing else to say. It is all self-explanatory. Something needs to happen with this team to change their mindset and get them going. I don't know what it is but John Tortorella, Glen Sather, and the rest of Rangers management needs to sit down and figure out what the hell to do...and they better do it quick.

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