Friday, October 30, 2009

A Few Good Minutes with Dancing Larry

One of the biggest non-player celebrities for the New York Rangers is Dancing Larry. I caught up with Larry and he answered a few questions for the faithful here:

Gootz: How long have you been a season ticket holder?
Larry: Since 1988

G: What made you start dancing? Do you remember the first time you danced at a game?
L: Friends in my section wanted me to get up and I didn't want to but I did. I did it a couple of times and one night saw myself on the Gardenvision. First dance was '96.

G: Where did you learn all your dance moves?
L: Don't remember where I got my dance moves from...I am sure it was from someone haha

G: Who is your favorite Ranger on the team right now? All Time?
L: That is tough because I have alot of favorites. Right now a few are Avery, Henrik, and Cally. All time would have to be Messier-Graves and Richter.

G: What do you think of John Tortorella and his style of coaching?
L: Love Torts and his coaching style. The team needs a coach who doesn't take any *insert any four letter word*.

G: What other teams in the Eastern Conference should the Rangers be worried about the most?L: Pens and Caps for sure.

G: Do you have a soft spot for any other team in the NHL?
L: No because I can't worry about any other team than the Rangers.

G: How many jerseys do you have? Do you have a favorite one?
L: I have about 10 with my favorite one being Adam Graves.

G: What is your favorite moment at a Ranger game?
L: When I get up and dance and make the fans in the Garden happy. Also anytime the Rangers win and salute the crowd at center ice.

G: What do you think of the Dancing Granny?
L: I think she is cool. I hope I will still be able to get up and dance at that age.

Thanks again to Larry for taking the time to answer these questions.

Rangers are in Minnesota tonight. Marian Gaborik skated this morning but will not play tonight along with Christopher Higgins and Sean Avery. Gaborik is almost 100% and should be able to play Sunday afternoon when the Rangers host the Bruins. Henrik Lundqvist will be in net tonight as time is 8PM.

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