Monday, October 5, 2009

Enough with the Brash Bash

Alright...enough is enough people.
When the New York Rangers signed veteran enforcer Donald Brashear this offseason many Ranger fans felt betrayed. Brashear has been on the top 10 most wanted list by Ranger fans for the last few years...and not the good most wanted list.
When I first heard of the signing I was a bit shocked like most fans and I felt a little weird knowing that I would see Donald Brashear in blue. But I have gotten over it and now prefer him to Colton Orr.
While many may not think it Brashear can actually play hockey. He can skate, hit and is a real benefit when he is in front of the net battling it out. He is very strong and provides a veteran presence in the locker room. Since the lockout he has had 36 points while Colton Orr has had 11. While Orr improved on his skating it was still pretty awful. Brashear is not the best either but he is better than Orr, not to mention he has a little bit of hockey sense knowing to go to the front of the net and trying to outmuscle the opposition.
It did suck what he did to Blair Betts in the playoffs last season but if he was a Ranger and did the same thing to someone on the Caps, Ranger fans would be on their feet. When he fought Brandon Sugden the second time the fans were going nuts as Brashear came on late in the fight. Don't believe me? Watch it here.
This guy lays it all out on the ice willing to take punches from some of the meanest goons in the NHL right now to defend his teammates. There are not many other players on the Rangers now willing to go toe to toe with people like Eric Godard. No doubt we will see Brashear fight the likes of Riley Cote, Colton Orr, and who knows. Maybe we will be luck to see him take on Sidney Crosby (please oh please just once).
I cannot guarantee that he will fight Crosby or score 50 goals. What I can guarantee is that he is laying it all out for his team and the fans every night and Ranger fans will come to love Donald Brashear very soon. So stop booing him.

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