Friday, August 28, 2009

Foppa Looking to Return

I already know that this will not go over well with fans of the New York Rangers but you have to take some shots when you write articles.
The Rangers are in need of a number one center right now. With the roster the way it is, fans are assuming that Brandon Dubinsky will be the top center (if and when he signs) who will most likely have Marian Gaborik on his wing. I have faith that Dubinsky could be a dynamite player with Gaborik on his wing and believe that he has a high upside. He plays the same style of game that Philadelphia Flyers captain Mike Richards plays and it is what the Rangers need.
However it is not ensured that A) Dubinsky re-signs with the Rangers and B) he will be a good fit with Gaborik. After all many fans believed Scott Gomez and Jaromir Jagr would be a good pairing and, well it never came to be.
So who could be a fallback to Dubinsky. In one of my earlier posts I said that Artem Anisimov would eventually become the number one center for the Rangers. I stand by that but that is only if the roster stays as is. With Glen Sather as the general manager, that is never a certainty.
Who is out there? Of course there is Mats Sundin who has been all over the map about coming back this season. But that is not the Swede I am looking at. The man I am looking at is Peter Forsberg.
I can sense the mobs trying to find my address and come to burn my house down. But hear me out.
Forsberg is attempting another comeback to the NHL as he is playing with MoDo in the Swedish Elite League. He played his first game last night, anchoring the top line of the team. He did not score any points in the 2-1 MoDo win but the more important piece of news was about his foot, which has nagged Forsberg for years now.
The news was that there was no news. The foot held up fine and he had no problems. Of course this is just one game and it is unknown how well the foot would hold up over an 82 game season.
But if Forsberg plays part of the season in Sweden with MoDo and then makes Team Sweden for the 2010 Olympics and has no problems with his foot, then why shouldn't the Rangers take a chance on him at the deadline? Signing him now would not be the best idea considering the amount of salary the Rangers have left and the foot needs to be put through more games. However this guy is one of the best players to ever play in the NHL and is certainly the best Swede ever. Hands down. Just ask some of the people that Forsberg completely embarrasses in this video.
It is unknown how much money Forsberg would be looking for if he does get offers. The man has made enough money to not have to worry about it for the rest of his life. If he is looking to come back to just win and get another Stanley cup win then the Rangers will be looking into this.
This is not based on any rumor that has gone around or any information from another source. All of this is just suggestion by me.
It can't hurt to give one of the best players of all time a shot at being a New York Ranger. The rumors were around last season and you can bet anything that if Forsberg is healthy and ready to go around the trade deadline, Glen Sather will be giving Foppa and his agent a call.

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