Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Chris Drury: His Team, His Time

When Chris Drury signed his five year deal two years ago for a whopping average of just over $7 million a year, many people were skeptical at the contract. Drury had only broken the 30 goal barrier twice in his career and never reached the 70 point plateau. Even now, Ranger fans complain about the large contract the 25th Ranger captain has, especially since it contains a full no movement clause meaning Chris Drury has to approve any move that happens with him, even if it means being sent down to Hartford.
One problem I have noticed with New York when it comes to sports is that people expect athletes to play better when they get here. I have heard many people say Drury should be putting in 40 goals with his contract. Why? He has never scored 40 goals in his career. Not even in his high school days at Fairfield Prep did Drury break the 40 goal mark.
Of course it would be nice if Drury could get over that hump but realistically it is a long shot to happen. All I am hoping for from Drury is to be a solid two way player who breaks the 25 goal barrier. He does not score as many goals as other players in the NHL but he scores the big ones. When you are tied in overtime of the playoffs or down by one late in the third period, Drury is the guy who you look at to put the puck in the net at the right time.
Another assumption that I have come to when it comes to New York fans regards being the captain of the team. When it comes to New York, especially Ranger fans, we have been spoiled. From Joe Namath to Mark Messier, captains in New York have always been very outspoken and even made guarantees for their teams to win big games.
Drury on the other hand is not someone who says alot to the media. When your team has the greatest captain in the history of hockey or even sports, you get spoiled about your image of "The Captain". While that title will always be reserved for Messier in the minds of Ranger fans, someone still has to wear the C on their chest. Fans are not in the locker room during intermissions or on the bench during the game so it is impossible for us to know what Chris Drury says. However, John Tortorella has tabbed Chris Drury as the Captain and will keep him as such.
As long as Drury is using his voice in the locker room around his players, then what do Ranger fans care about what he says to newspapers and the media? Drury is a man of action, not words. Maybe not that much action has happened but because of the large turnover this team has had this summer, the New York Rangers are Chris Drury's team now.
It remains to be seen what happens this coming season but Drury will be looking to bounce back after a rough year last season. I am hoping for a good season for the Trumbull, CT native. With more scoring talent on this team, Drury may be able to sneak under the radar a bit as he will not be looked to provide the bulk of the scoring.
This may be a dream but if Chris Drury is the man who puts the puck in the net to win the Stanley Cup, then he is worth every penny of that contract.

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