Friday, April 10, 2009

Rangers Clinch a Spot

 For the fourth consecutive season, the New York Rangers will be playing the NHL playoffs as they clinched a spot when they defeated the Philadelphia Flyers last night by a score of 2-1. 
 I'm not going to get into the refereeing in the game, which was absolutely atrocious for both teams. But the Rangers came out and took care of business by beating the Flyers and making their path to the postseason a bit more direct and quick, rather than having to play on Sunday for all the marbles. 
 Montreal clinched a spot as well last night when they defeated the Boston Bruins, which sets the Eastern Conference field (sorry Florida). As of right now the Rangers are matched up with the Washington Capitals for the first round but with another game each for both New York and Montreal coming up this weekend, that could change. However, it is a lock that New York will be taking on either the Capitals or the Boston Bruins in the first round, both tough opponents.
 Personally I think the Rangers match up better with the Bruins considering the fact that they actually beat them this season. Washington wiped the floor with New York as they won all four match ups during the regular season. At least with the Bruins the Rangers would have a chance to win, even if they haven't scored a goal in Boston yet this season being shutout by Tuukka Rask and Tim Thomas in the two excursions up there. 
 I am just happy that the team has a spot in the post season when there was a time when it looked like they might completely fall out of contention. Come Sunday, Ranger fans will know who the Blueshirts will be playing in the first round. 
 Yankees Red Sox? Yea right, New York and Boston better get ready for Rangers Bruins. 

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