Thursday, April 2, 2009


 Well, it has truly been awhile since I have written here. Just want to apologize for the very long absence of new material. To be honest school and other obligations have kept me too busy to keep this site updated. I was recruited to write about the Coyotes on a new website called The Hockey Writers, definitely something you should check out. I will put a link over on the right if it isn't already there.
 But as I write this it is late in the playoff race. The New York Rangers are playing the Carolina Hurricanes tonight and will only have four, yes, four more games left in the regular season. 
 Will the Rangers make the playoffs? I am going to take a look at that in the very near future along with a quick look at the Coyotes who have been eliminated from playoff contention. I will also give a recap on the Danbury Mad Hatters inaugural season and offer up my insights on how it went and what needs to be done to make it better. 
 Once again I am sorry that this has not been kept up to date more but I will get around to it, I promise. Until then, keep watching hockey. 

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