Saturday, April 18, 2009

Game 2...

Game 2 is in just over an hour on NBC. The New York Rangers will be looking for a 2-0 lead coming back to New York. I am personally happy that the Rangers took one in Washington but taking both would be fantastic as well. The Rangers will be ready to go for this one. A couple of key points:

1. Stay out of the box. Don't take unnecessary penalties. With referees calling the weirdest things it is hard to do that but it needs to be less than Game 1.
2. The power play needs to be consistent and be a plus for the Rangers. Hopefully today it can do that.
3. Henrik Lundqvist needs to be Henrik Lundqvist.
4. Chris Drury will be a game time decision again. Hopefully if he plays he will provide a spark to get the Rangers going and maybe be the Captain Clutch that the Rangers will need if they want to go deep in the playoffs.
5. Pepper Jose Theodore. He showed himself as a weakness in the first game. The Rangers need to exploit this again in Game 2. 
6. Ryan Callahan will have to continue his great play of late. If he could hit the back of the net instead of the post at least once today, that would be helpful.
7. Did I mention stay out of the box?

There are more storylines and points that go into this game but I am keeping it simple like John Tortorella. This is huge. The Capitals are too good of a team to be comfortable with even up one game. New York has to come out and play hard, physical, and smart. 

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