Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Adam Graves Night

I know I havent contributed much at all here on this blog since Chris and I started this in the summer, but I felt compelled to today to honor one of the nicest individuals who I have ever met in my life. Tonight is another one of those special nights at Madison Square Garden. The last member of the big four of 1994 gets honored tonight. Now, while number 9 should have been retired well before Adam came to the Rangers in 1991, this honor is well-deserved no matter what number Adam Graves wore. He was the heart and soul of that 1994 cup team. He stuck up for his teammates, drove to the net, scored those dirty goals in front of the net and was a tough S.O.B out there on the ice. While he was a hardnosed player on the ice, he was one of the most compassionate people off the ice. Gravey set up toy drives and donated his time, energy, and money to various foundations that the Rangers are associated with during his playing career and still does today. He has a true connection with the fans and that can be seen before or after pretty much every home game at the Garden. When he arrives or leaves the building he always signs an autograph for a fan, takes an interest in what they have to say and makes them feel like they are on the same level as him. Any time he is introduced over the P.A. system at the Garden he always gets the loudest ovation. In this day and age of athletes involved in scandals and various other unmentionables, Adam Graves is a breath of fresh air and is a true role model not just for Rangers and hockey fans, but for all. I'm fortunate enough to be one of the 18,200 that will be in attendence at the Garden tonight, and I'm sure it will be very special. Congratulations on a well deserved honor Adam!

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Melanie said...

Adam Graves was truly a great contribution to the Rangers and his genuine character and humbleness definitely showed at the ceremony! I still can't believe his little son was crying realizing just what an impact good old dad was..it was the most adorable thing I've seen! He really is a hero to kids and all sports fan..

check the ceremony out here in case you missed it:
Adam Graves Night