Monday, January 12, 2009

Keep on Piling it On

Scott Burnside of ESPN is reporting that the Coyotes have lost 25% of their revenue sharing pot due to the fact they have not met certain quotas. Read the article here
It seems to just keep on piling up for the organization as financial difficulties that the team is experiencing are coming out what seems like everyday now. What is actually true and what is fabricated is unknown to many people except those within the Coyote organization who are maintaining a status quo attitude and giving very little for fans to go on.
It has been reported that the Coyotes are getting aid from the NHL and have to consult with the league on any financial decisions that they want to make. They are estimated to be losing around $30 million for this season despite the fact they have sold more tickets right now than they did at this point last year. 
What is going to happen? At this point the only thing Coyote fans can do is sit and wait for the brass to come out and state what is wrong with the team. Unfortunately, I feel like they are waiting until rock bottom before they do this. 
Is it the end of Coyotes hockey? Lets hope not. 

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