Friday, December 12, 2008

Rock Bottom...And They Keep Digging

I had my optimistic article earlier today. Here is the depressing one. 
What an absolutely atrocious performance by the Rangers. I don't care that they came back from being down 5-1. Besides that 15 minute spurt, they were absolutely horrible. Henrik Lundqvist showed how bad this defense is when he is not robbing every puck away. You can't blame him for this one and he shouldn't put it on himself. 
The past couple of weeks have had horrible games for the Rangers. Despite the fact they are near the top of the NHL in the standings, the last few weeks have had games where the Rangers barely squeak by with wins they should have easily gotten. They get lucky with a very poor first 40 minutes and then decide to turn it on in the third period. You cannot do that in the NHL. A full 60 minute effort is needed. 
So what now? If you think Sundin is going to fix everything, you've got another thing coming. The defense of this team is awful without Henrik Lundqvist. Keep Staal, Girardi, and Mara. Dump the rest of them. The Lightning made a bonehead move in putting Mike Lundin on waivers...put in a claim for him. Trade the other defenseman for physical guys who are willing to get dirty and won't allow opposing players to get to the front of the net. 
Offensively, sign Sundin. Get a scoring winger for Gomez who is going to shoot the puck. I can't stand seeing this team stand around and have plenty of room to shoot. The Rangers need a goal scorer. Naslund has been alright but they need someone who is not 35 years or older to do so.  
Also fire Perry Pearn. He is the "strategist" on the powerplay. Obviously it isn't working out. Get someone in here. Take out Tom Renney. Put him in a player development role and get a coach in here who has won a Stanley Cup. John Tortorella and Peter Laviolette are two guys I would want. At least they would show emotion and are not afraid of disciplining players no matter what their contracts are. 

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