Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Dear Glen Sather...Trade Michal Rozsival...

If I could be GM of the Rangers for a day, the first thing I would do is dump Michal Rozsival. I don't for what or to who. A box of broken sticks, pucks, a Mats Sundin jersey, or even a chicken tenders meal at Madison Square Garden. Anything at this point would satisfy my need to get rid of Rozsival.
If Sather was smart, which he can be at some points but usually isn't, he wouldn't even have re-signed Rozsival this summer. Not only did he re-sign him....he gave him an outrageous contract. 4 years with a cap hit of $5 million a year. Technically he is getting paid $7 million this season. WHY? What do people see in him? A true belief I have is that he was thought of as good because of playing next to Marek Malik. Malik was the focus of everyone's attention and all the bad play was accredited to him whether he warranted it or not. 
This allowed Rozsival to make mistakes without the fan focus on him. I noticed that he was terrible along with Malik. So why the $5 million? 
We may never know what Glen Sather was thinking when Rozsival was signing that contract in his office, but I can guess that his mind was on his fishing retreat in Canada's wilderness than in the salary cap situation for the Rangers. 
The Rangers will have Brandon Dubinsky and Nikolai Zherdev, among others, in the restricted free agent category. I don't think I have to explain the importance of those two to the future of the organization. 
To address the Mats Sundin rumors that have been floating, this is how it should work. I personally don't want Sundin but if it has to happen, it should happen like this. Trade Rozsival anywhere for anything cheap. Draft picks, prospects, used sticks...whatever is needed. Then give whatever money that is left to Sundin for this year ONLY! After this season, Sundin leaves to go wherever and you split that money up between Dubinsky and Zherdev somehow. Its not perfect but if Sundin is indeed to become a New York Ranger, this is how it must be done to ensure the future of the franchise.

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