Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Sjo Fits...On the Road Again

Last night, the Rangers won. I don't care how they did it despite the fact the balcony of the 400s looked like a good jumping off point many times last night. They won. 1-0 final in the shootout was the way they won. The team was forced to go back to basics and play against a team that is likely to finish towards the bottom of the standings. Vesa Toskala was the brightest spot for the Maple Leafs last night as he brought his A-game but unfortunately for him, the Leafs couldn't get the puck past Steve Valiquette who continues to play well when he is given the nod. Fredrik Sjostrom scored the decisive goal in the shootout to win for the Coyot....I mean Rangers. 
No offense last night? They won. Get over it. 
Coming to tonight, the Rangers will be playing one of THOSE teams that you don't expect to beat. In fact, scoring a goal against them is some sort of accomplishment in and of it self. The Blueshirts are in Detroit to face the defending Stanley Cup Champions. On the good side of things, Henrik Zetterberg will not be playing today due to a groin injury. The bad news is Pavel Dastyuk, Marian Hossa, Tomas Holmstrom, and Nicklas Lidstrom are playing. The Rangers will have to come out prepared tonight if they want a chance to win in a very tough arena. This is certainly a water mark game. Henrik Lundqvist will be starting tonight and he will certainly have to be on top of his game against a high powered Detroit offense. 
The Ranger offense just has to keep looking forward and focusing on the game at hand especially the powerplay which is the cause of indigestion and frustration for any Ranger fan. Three words. SHOOT THE PUCK. Just throw the puck on net because you never know what is going to happen and against a tough team like Detroit, you have to put the puck on net as much as possible because they won't give you many chances. The power play better score one goal least. 
Korpikoski, according to Ranger Rants may be playing tonight, otherwise expect pretty much the same lineup. Game is at 7 PM EST. 
The Coyotes lost 6-3 last night. Enough said.
They have another tough test tonight as they stroll into Montreal to face the isn't going to be pretty. 

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