Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Rangers Come Back with a 4-3 Win over Metallurg

What a comeback. I caught the 2nd and 3rd periods of the game vs Metallurg Magnitogorsk and it was unbelievable. We saw the worst of the Rangers and the very best. The comeback that happened is amazing. 

Going down 3-0 in the second period is nothing easy to come back from but the Rangers persevered. Chris Drury was fed a nice pass by Nikolai Zherdev for the Rangers first goal. A very enthusiastic Drury got the Rangers rolling. 
Later in the period Dan Fritsche, who has had an up and down camp, certainly made a case for his staying on the team when he drilled a slapshot past Metallurg goaltender Andrei Mezin through the five hole. 3-2 Metallurg. 
Of course, Ranger fans are very pessimistic so we thought it all ended here. Magnitogorsk started pressuring right after that goal but Henrik Lundqvist, who has had a rough preseason including the first half of this game, made some big saves to keep the Rangers close. This all set up the only man who could possibly tie the game. You got it. Chris Drury. A shot was taken by Scott Gomez which was stopped by Mezin but he couldn't control the rebound. Drury, standing in front of the net as always, banged the puck home and did his best Bobby Orr impression as he celebrated tripping over Mezin. 
So now what? I have class at 4pm and it is about 3:30...things are getting tight. Al Trautwig mentions that the teams will go through continuous overtime if the game does head in that direction. 
Well there was no need for that. Ryan Callahan intercepted a pass by a Metallurg defenseman and skated in one on one with Andrei Mezin. A nice fake to the forehand and then back to the backhand gave the Rangers their first and only lead of the game with 21 seconds remaining in the game. Obviously Callahan was seen by the picture. The comeback was made complete. 
I will have more on this game later. If you missed the game, there will be a replay at 8pm on MSG and a Rangers in 60 at 11pm.

Picture found on TSN here

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Jeff said...

Hey Gootzman,

Nice blog you have here. I'm Jeff from (blueshirts in france ;)), thanks for adding my link to your blog, that's cool, I did the same.

The fact is I didn't knew you did it the first time, I presume we met somewhere between HFboards and... HFboards? I fell by chance on your podcast the other day and realized we probably met around HFboards, some sort of souvenir pop up in my mind. And then I fell on your blog.

Sorry I don't go on HFBs much these days, I'm already overbooked with some responsibilities on others forums.

I was in Bern for the 2 games last week, that was a really nice experience. We gone crazy after Callahan's goal in the third period, that was insane, we were so close to the ice. I posted yesterday a short article on my blog with some photos from both games. Feel free to check it at this address:

I will try to follow your upcoming articles and I'll post comments if I have something interesting to say. ;)

Take care,

PS: And hockey is back at last! YEAH! Bye.