Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Little Jab at Fairfield

As many readers here know, I go to Fairfield University. I love it here and I never want to leave.
Being the insane hockey fan I am, I wear a New York Rangers jersey everyday. I'm not joking. EVERYDAY. I switch between #30 Henrik Lundqvist and #19 Jean Ratelle, both blue CCM jerseys. 
So why am I mentioning this on my blog? Well I'll use this blog, as you know, to write whatever so here is a little off the path. 
People have started to notice that I wear these everyday (took you long enough) and I am sure people think I am weird, gross, insane, dirty,  or whatever other adjectives you want to throw at me. I really don't care what people think. I really don't care what words people say behind me about this kind of thing. If you think it is stupid, that is your opinion and good for you. You can have that opinion. 
So why do I do it? I am passionate. Call me insane, passionate, whatever word you want to use that lets you sleep at night. The point is I am being myself. I don't care what people think. I am a New York Rangers (and Phoenix Coyotes...I wear a hat everyday as well) fan through and through. There are very few things that I am passionate about in my life but this is one of them. So what is wrong with showing my passion everyday? What is wrong with showing who and what I am everyday? 
I know people who are very passionate about different things but they are afraid to show it. I'm not afraid to show it and I am never going to stop. And yes...the jerseys are clean. 

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