Friday, September 26, 2008

What a Week

Well the week is finally coming to an end and there is finally a day without the Rangers playing a game...something I am sure they are more than relieved of. In terms of wins and losses it hasn't been good as the Rangers are 1-4 in preseason play with their only win coming vs the Ottawa Senators. 
Of course, there is a bright side. Most of the teams the Rangers have iced have been mostly made up of guys who are bound for juniors, Charlotte, or Hartford. Gomez, Zherdev, and Naslund have clicked very well despite the fact they haven't put the puck in the net. The Rangers, in fact, are putting more shots on goal than ever. Last night, they more than doubled the output of shots from the Lightning and instead ran into a tough Kari Rammo. 
Lauri Korpikoski certainly made a case for himself to stay with the big club last night as he was clearly the best player on the Ranger side of things. Nedved continues to be good with a goal and assist in the game vs the Devils and plenty of chances last night. Petr Prucha had a tough night with plenty of chances. When is this kid going to get a break? 
Corey Potter looked very sound on defense and I personally think that it is a sprint to the finish between him and Brian Fahey for the 7th defenseman's spot. I wish one of them could replace Dmitri Kalinin who has been atrocious this preseason but the chances of that happening are slim to none. 

More will be on here later about the Rangers and the Coyotes. 

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