Sunday, September 21, 2008

V for Voros

One person that I didn't mention in the recent article about last night's match up was newly acquired Aaron Voros. 
An aspect of the offense that the Rangers have had alot of trouble addressing for a while has been a big man in front. The 6'3 205 winger came over via free agency from the Minnesota Wild where he had a good first year despite only playing 55 games. He had 14 points with 7 goals and 7 assists playing on the lower lines of a Jacques Lemaire defensive system. Voros does everything for his team. He can score, pass, hit, play defense, and fight when necessary. 
Watching him last night was very impressive. He didn't score but his presence was definitely felt. Whenever he was in the offensive zone, he crashed the net even if it meant getting crushed to the ice. He created opportunities and made it hard for the defense to knock him away from the crease with a big body such as his. Standing up for teammates was another aspect of his game that came out yesterday after a game filled with penalties. 
Certainly an upgrade over Ryan Hollweg, Aaron Voros may bring much more to this Rangers team than just a bruiser on the ice. A guy who isn't afraid to grind it out and stand in front of the net is important on any team and Voros is certainly someone who can do that. 3 years for a 27 year old like this could really go a long way and be a sleeper signing from this past year. 

Image found here on Ranger website. 

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