Tuesday, September 16, 2008


So tomorrow is our first show on WVOF!!! We are going to try and set it up so we will be on youcastr at the same time but we aren't sure if that is going to work so if it doesn't and you want to here us go here and click the 2nd link which says "Click here for web exclusive content produced by Fairfield University students including student-only broadcasts of Stags Basketball games  enjoy all the great shows from the WVOF WEB STUDIO"

It should be relatively easy. The only thing with WVOF is they don't have a chat room like Youcastr does BUT they do have a phone number which is 203-254-4002 which will put you directly into us. I will announce the phone number on the show as well repeatedly. The time is a bit different as well. Our show starts at 1 pm EST and will go till about 2pm. So make sure you tune in! We are excited!!! 

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catalixa said...

Thanks for the informative sessions pre-season. Much appreciated!
Can I still get your podcast through iTunes now you're on the Fairfield site?