Sunday, August 17, 2008

Very Very Slow Days

If you haven't noticed the NHL has been very slow these days when it comes to news. But the one man keeping all hockey fans on their toes is Mats Sundin. Larry Brooks of the NY Post has cited unnamed sources saying that Sundin's first choice is still the New York Rangers and may be willing to take a pay cut to play in the Big Apple. The gentleman at Hockeybuzz has reported that Sundin may play for the Rangers for as little as $2 million. Of course these rumors have been floating around for a day or two now but if, and of course this if is bigger than any font size I could think of, Sundin is willing to play for the Rangers for $2 million on a one year deal and try to go for that Stanley Cup he has missed for his entire career, then why not? I am sure Ranger fans would prefer to see Sundin on this team rather than Petr Nedved. 
Keep an eye out for the announcement of episode 3 of From the Blues to the Desert here on the blog. We have noticed problems with trying to get the podcast on itunes and are trying to fix that. We appreciate everyone listening to the show and can't wait to do our next one. Remember to send us emails at to ask us questions about the show, hockey, or comments about the show. Improvements that could be made, what you like, what you don't like, whatever you feel like doing. With slow days such as these, we look forward to your emails on the show. 

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