Sunday, August 3, 2008

Nedved granted try out by Rangers and Ranger rumblings?

As was reported a few days ago, Petr Nedved has contacted the New York Rangers and asked for a tryout in a last attempt to play in the NHL again and hopefully 3 times is a charm with the Rangers. Nedved knows that this try out has no guarantees and the possibility of him making this team may be small. But the 37 year old may have something to bring to this team of mostly young players. If he does happen to make the team, he will be the oldest player on the team (unless Shanahan re-signs). 
But of course, nothing is going to be certain on any NHL roster (whether they are interested or not) until Mats Sundin decides on if and where he will play this upcoming year. The Rangers have been reported as seriously interested in the veteran center despite the fact that they have almost no cap space, leading everyone to believe that at least 1 trade will have to be made to make room for Sundin. It won't be 3rd/4th liners since trading them won't yield enough cap space even if the entire bottom 6 was traded. You have to look at players with large contracts and those guys are Drury, Gomez, Rozsival, and Lundqvist. 
Lundqvist isn't going anywhere. Enough said. 
Drury and Gomez may seem like the biggest candidates because of their large contracts but they shouldn't be. They were both brought in last year and are going to be the foundation of this team (along with King Henrik) for years to come. Drury has a full no movement clause while Gomez has a limited no trade clause. Their contracts would be tough to swallow for any team in the NHL. But there is no way these guys are leaving.
That leaves Rozsival. He just re-signed last month to a 5 year deal. Obviously the impression this would put on the Rangers would be a negative one when trying to attract free agents in the future but is it really all that out of the realm of possibility? The Rangers could insert Paul Mara higher on the defensive pairings to fill the role that Rozsival performs and at a much cheaper price. To me, he seems like the likely candidate to be gone if Sundin decides he wants to make New York his home. 
One thing that I do want to mention, and it pains me to do this, is a "rumor" that Eklund posted yesterday. He mentioned that he hear from his "sources" (could be his dog) that the Rangers are setting up a "MEGA" deal with themselves, the Edmonton Oilers, and the Phoenix Coyotes.
Now before I bash Mr. Anonymous, here is why this will not work. CAP. CAP. CAP. CAP CAP. CAP. CAP.
Get it? The Rangers, if this deal is to clear space for Sundin, will be looking to dump salaries. Well Edmonton is about $2 million from the cap ceiling. Not much is going to happen there. The Phoenix Coyotes may have plenty of cap room according to the league but to them, they are at their self imposed cap which happens to be just above the NHL cap floor. Soooooooooooo Mr. Eklund. What are your "sources" smoking? It would have to be something pretty strong if it is making them imagine a deal between these 3 teams to dump salary. Now if the Kings were involved I may believe this a tiny bit more. But salary dumps to 2 teams that are at their cap limits without the Rangers getting back cap hits is absolutely ridiculous. Could there be a trade brewing with the Rangers? Absolutely if all this Sundin talk is true. But to the Oilers and Coyotes? Swing and a miss Ek.
More later. 
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