Thursday, August 7, 2008

Line Juggling Here on the Blog

Alot of things happening here on the blog as improvement is always something I am looking for and it certainly has happened. 
My good friend Mike Zippo has joined this blog under the name trueblue9441 and will be contributing his thoughts on everything. He is a Ranger fan first and foremost and will add a lot to this blog from his perch up in Section 420 of Madison Square Garden. Very happy to have him here. 
Also, the newest feature that will be added is a new radio/podcast show based off this blog called From the Blues to the Desert. Mike and I will be talking about the Rangers, Coyotes, Mad Hatters, and anything else hockey that we feel. We will be starting off doing a 1 hour show once a week until we get the hang of working the podcast and how we want it set up. 
We have set up an email with the address of to receive emails from the readers about comments on the show. You are also encouraged to send emails there with questions about the hockey world and what your opinion is on what we talk about. There will be a live chat that you can get into during the show on the site we will be broadcasting through. We will post the link here and on our Facebook group so that getting there will be easy. 
Send us emails for suggestions about the show, the blog, or anything else at the email address above. And keep checking back here for more news about the show and articles from Mike and I. 

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