Monday, August 25, 2008


If anyone has been looking at the hockey rumors for the past few days, you are about to put your head through a wall. Yes it is Mats Sundin and the New York Rangers linked together again but much more than that. Reports have been around the internet of the Rangers possibly trading Scott Gomez to a few different places. Vancouver has been in the mix but so has the Minnesota Wild and Los Angeles Kings, as noted by Greg on Bleacher Report here
Before I go on, these are just rumors and are not absolute truths. Greg took something he found out and went out on a limb knowing full well the possible consequences. Don't bash him.
Now I am going to disagree with my friend Greg here on these rumors. Last year the Rangers signed Gomez to the big contract, along with Fairfield Prep, to be the centers of the future. Gomez has a limited no trade clause so trading him isn't as easy as most players. Not to mention the fact he loves being in New York and left a bitter rival to come here. 
That being said, every possible rumor has Mats Sundin and the New York Rangers in love so much that they are doing more than sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G. Of course no one really knows what truth there is to these rumors except Glen Sather and Mr. Sundin. We fans would all love for Sundin to just pick his team and let us get on with our lives but I wouldn't count on it.
Sundin is a very patient man and I understand why he is taking so long. First, it is a major career choice. He has been playing hockey his whole life up to this point whether it was as a kid in Sweden or last year in Toronto. Making a choice like this is life altering and you have to be 110% sure you are done (See Brett Favre). 
The second reason that this will not happen anytime soon is because of September 15th. Why is that date important? That is when the CBA will be ratified for an extension by the NHLPA. At that point, bonuses can be put into contracts for guys age 35 years and older. These bonuses would not count against the cap for this year thereby helping teams like the Rangers who are kissing the cap ceiling. This may also be the reason why Teemu Selanne, Joe Sakic, and Brendan Shanahan are hanging out (All last names with an S...why did I notice that?). 
Do I think Gomez is going anywhere? No. I give Greg all the credit in the world for putting a rumor out like that but I am going to believe it won't happen. If anyone is going to be traded from the New York Rangers to allow Sundin on the team, Michal Rozsival should be the one to go, but that is a discussion for another time. Gomez is going no where whether or not Sundin decides to come to Manhattan. But then again, I have been wrong before. 

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