Monday, July 7, 2008

So much for Rex

Well my idea of having the Rangers signing Mark Recchi to replace Brendan Shanahan and fill the last top 6 spot for cheap has been completely obliterated by my old pal Barry Melrose and the Mullet Bolts. Recchi signed a 1 year contract in the Sunshine State for what has become a very offensive team. 
But for all Melrose's cunning his team is no where near contention in the Eastern Conference. He may have a high flying offense being formed but the offense doesn't get off the ground if the defense is weak. A weak defense leads to more shots on the goaltender. And not just shots, but quality scoring chances for the opposition. It is a goaltender's job to try and stop every shot but no goalie can stop every shot on every night. This defensive problem affects every facet of the team. Power plays, while potentially deadly, will lack defensive support in the event of a shorthanded outbreak. The team is without a puck moving defenseman and Ranger fans know how that works out, no matter how many offensive players you have. 
On the other hand, I could be wrong. But I wouldn't bet on it when the Eastern Conference is set up the way it is. There is no way that the Lightning make the playoffs this coming year or for the next couple AT LEAST. 

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