Saturday, July 5, 2008

One more move the Rangers need

It seems the Rangers are almost done with building their team for the 08-09 season. Speculation is abound that they will try to trade some of the bottom 6 forwards that they have, guys like Hollweg, Callahan, Prucha, Dawes in a package for a winger and to cut some salary. Well I have a better idea. 
Obviously letting Hollweg go via trade or waivers is something I am all for. If the Devils got a 5th round pick for Cam Janssen then I am sure New York could get something for Ryan Hollweg. If the Rangers trade some of those forwards for a winger that wouldn't be so bad either. But I would rather keep Prucha and Callahan since they still need a chance to do something more than they have. 
But why trade assets when you can get someone with the limited cap space that the Rangers have left. Someone who could replace Shanahan's leadership but also be more of a positive on the ice. I may be a little biased since I have met him plenty of times but from a TEAM perspective and they new mindset this team seems to have, Mark Recchi would be perfect to fill out the top 6. He can still skate and last year was the first time since 1998-1999 season that Rex didn't score 20 or more goals. He has playoff experience and has won 2 Stanley Cups. He isn't afraid to mix it up and protect his teammates but more importantly, for someone like Nigel Dawes, he would be the perfect guy to help teach how to use his body effectively and how to score, even though he has a small body. Recchi scored plenty of goals in the old NHL and didn't seem to lose much in the new one. He would be very cheap for the cap and would have a chance to play for a team that would be a real contender. There are no rumors or anything about this. It is just what I think would be a good move for the Rangers, especially over Shanahan, in terms of the style of play the Rangers will be playing next year. 
I know letting Shanny go is probably a hot issue so I want to hear what everyone thinks about it. Would you rather have Recchi who would fit this system and team better...or Shanahan? 

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Debbi said...

I LOVE..the way you think!! I think Mark would look great in Ranger blue!!