Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mad Hatters Schedule

The EPHL released the schedule for their league today. For the Mad Hatters, things begin on Saturday November 1st against the Rome Chiefs, who it seems will be the main rival of the Mad Hatters as they play each other 7 times with the other teams being played 6. Most of the home games are on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays totaling at 23 games of the 25 game home schedule. Certainly the league is looking to be fan oriented. With games on these days of the week, more fans will generate more revenue and interest in the team. This is a smart business move considering the league is just starting.
Opening night will be a white out while Saturday March 21st is Fan Appreciation night in Danbury and is also the last home game. 
This is a good start for a league that is trying to get things rolling. With teams within short distances of each other, transportation will not be a huge issue and with games mostly on weekends, fans will make their way to the arenas for games more often than not. Tickets will not be expensive and will appeal to people of all financial backgrounds. For those that live in areas near NHL teams (Danbury, Brooklyn, Jersey) it provides an alternative to high priced NHL games. The EPHL is definitely heading down the right track right now in terms of establishing themselves as a legitimate minor league. Hopefully this first season is a huge success. 

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