Friday, July 4, 2008

Настолько длиннее Jagr

Jagr is on his way to Avangard Omsk of the KHL where he will play with Rangers prospect Alexei Cherepanov. He will also be getting a massive contract which is reported to be 2 years $35 million with an option for a third year. The Jagr era is officially over not only for the Rangers but the entire NHL. One of the best players to ever play certainly the best European player to ever play in the NHL.
So what happens now? Are the Coyotes done? Probably considering they have a self imposed cap. Are the Rangers done? I have a feeling that they aren't quite done considering their cap space isn't completely taken up. Paul Mara has a contract offer on the table while Sather has said Shanahan coming back for another year is a definite possibility. Also, with the logjam in the bottom 6, a minor trade could be made. Hopefully Hollweg will get traded or waived for whatever the team can get for him. With Aaron Voros, Hollweg becomes very expendable. But Sather is very unpredictable as we have seen these past few days.
I will write some more later and see if Sundin is anywhere in the Rangers future.  

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