Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Dawes re-signs with the Rangers; Fritsche signs

Nigel Dawes has re-signed with the New York Rangers on a 1 year $587,500 contract. This is a great signing, allowing Dawes to have a contract year this upcoming season and show the Rangers what he can really do. The Rangers also signed restricted free agent Dan Fritsche, terms of the deal were not disclosed. Fritsche was acquired earlier this offseason along with Zherdev from Columbus. 
The bottom 6 of this team is starting to get crowded and surely Glen Sather will be shuffling guys around whether it is through waivers or small trades for prospects and draft picks. Also, Brendan Shanahan is still out in the cold so to speak and Sather wants to bring him back, considering Shanahan doesn't want to go anywhere else. But at his age and the way his skating is, will he fit on this team? If he does, it will definitely have to be a lesser role even strength wise. The Rangers still have cap space meaning they are not done. Every cent is going to be used to build this team.  
Also thank you to Thirdeye of HFboards for making me my new picture which can be seen in the About Me section. It definitely suits me very well. 

Image courtesy of Rangers website

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love your you should put "happily confused" on the back of a combined rangers/coyotes jersey..LOL