Tuesday, July 8, 2008


300 readers? 300 different people have come here at one point or another to read this blog that I started up just over 2 weeks ago. 300 people! That is 20 new people a day (15 days). Absolutely mind boggling. I don't even know 300 people. I enjoy writing everything I do write for all of my readers whether they are here all the time or only once. Hopefully everyone here at least enjoys reading it. Obviously I would like to hear more from these 300 people who have come here about what they think about the blog, hockey or whatever. But the fact 300 people have come here in just over 2 weeks is something special and I thank every reader for it whether they have come once or 100 times. I do this every 100 people which may get annoying but to me there is no greater feeling than knowing I have people reading. So thank you so much. If I could ask one thing...COMMENT! SIGN THE GUESTBOOK! LET ME KNOW YOU EXIST!!! So here is to number 301 and beyond. 

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