Sunday, June 29, 2008

Ranger whirlwind

Well the Rangers are at odds with potential free agents Jaromir Jagr and Sean Avery. It has been reported that Sather has given Avery's agent permission to talk to other teams about Avery (Check NY Post link). If Sather truly wants to sign Avery, he has just done a move that will either make Avery leave or make him realize something. Hopefully, Avery will see that he is not worth the $4 million ANYWHERE in the NHL and that no one really wants to sign him. NYC is the perfect place for him to play and I think he knows that. I would like him back but not at the price he wants and I don't think he is going to blink either.
I don't want Jagr back (especially at the price he wants) and it seems that is coming closer and closer to happening. Jagr wants a 2-3 year deal while Sather only wants to offer 1 year (Check the Daily News link for more). Is it a possibility that the Omsk contract is looking better and better everyday, whatever it may be? It definitely is but Jagr's desire to play in the NHL will probably keep him out of there unless no NHL team wants anything to do with him which I am sure will not be true. Teams have talked to the Rangers at the past 2 deadlines about the availability of Jaromir so there will be interest from other teams. If Jagr comes back, he has to realize that he can't be the guy to be relied on anymore because he isn't what he used to be. If this was 10 years ago then he would be that kind of player but at 37 years old he isn't that guy anymore and he has to realize this. We will see what happens.
I will have a free agency preview for both the Coyotes and the Rangers up at some point before Tuesday. I haven't decided if I will do 1 team at a time or both in one posting but if I do them separately then one of them will be up today. Keep an eye out and thanks for visiting. Also there is a new poll on the side so place your choices! 

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