Thursday, June 26, 2008

Quiet Day and a look ahead to Tomorrow

Overall it was a quiet day in the NHL with little tidbits but nothing else. It seems teams are beginning to sort things out and are preparing for what will surely be an insane Tuesday July 1st.  Tomorrow morning I will be waking up early again and heading up to Peoria to watch the Coyotes Rookie skate where I will be taking notes and paying close attention to all the guys. Maloney will be there again supposedly so maybe it will give me a chance to prod him a little more and see if I can get a tiny bit more out of him than he has given us and maybe throw some of my own ideas in....not that he is going to have a second thought about them. I will report back with the notes tomorrow and my observations of who played with who and who has a shot of making the team this year. Check the side links for news and opinions until I get back. I should be back by 11:30 my time (2:30 pm EST) and will post then. Until then, have a good night. Hope you all liked the photos! We will be taking more tomorrow. 

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