Thursday, June 26, 2008

NHL tidbits

I hope everyone enjoyed the Rookie night recap and all the pictures that I have put up.
But NHL news comes in as restricted free agents are receiving qualifying offers from their respective teams. Scott Niedermeyer has told the Ducks he will be returning for another year so they will be looking to shed some salary to fit him in. This could make it hard for them to re-sign Corey Perry. In other news, Newsday is reporting that Jay Bouwmeester wants to get out of Florida. The Rangers could use a defenseman like Jay but it will cost an extreme amount in young players and draft picks which is something that the Rangers will not part with easily. But he is definitely someone that they should look into. Maybe they could pull something similar to what the Coyotes did with Jokinen. 
Another big bit is that the NHL has announced to cap number for next year. The cap will increase to $56.7 million (up from $50.3) with the cap floor bumping up to $40.7 million. While the Rangers will surely take advantage of every cent of cap space, the Coyotes are more than $10 million under the cap floor, making them prime candidates to be looking into the free agency market, preferably in the defensive department. See TSN for the information. 
As I mentioned earlier about Straka, it seems his agent has denied the reports that he has signed but a contract was given to Martin. See TSN again for details.
The Rangers website has videos of their development camp with interviews, scrimmages, and drills among the videos. Other than that, keep checking those links at the side for all facets of hockey information. And check out the Rookie Night PHOTOS! 

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