Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hockey's Future Coyotes 2008 Draft Review

Hockey's Future has released the Coyotes Draft Review written by Jeff Dahlia and can be found through this link.

I will be out of the house in the early morning tomorrow and tomorrow night because of the Coyotes Open House but I will write something up before I leave for Glendale and I will write something when I come back which will be up in the morning. Pictures will be taken and I will let you know what the VIP status that I have gives me. Thanks for reading all my posts today. Check out True Blue Testimony, Coyotes Hip Check, and The Lighthouse for Rangers, Coyotes, and Islanders news while I am gone at any point tomorrow along with all the other links that are listed there for NHL news and opinions. Now I am heading into the pool for a night swim. Until tomorrow everyone...good night.

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