Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Don Maloney on NHL Live

I told you that I would be keeping up and I hope you are too! Here is a recap from Don Maloney's appearance on NHL Live today. Thanks to Buddhaful of HFBoards for the report.


The deal for Jokinen came together quickly with JM. He did mention they began talks a couple weeks ago.

He'd been racking his brain for the last couple months trying to figure out how they could acquire a legit 1st line center which fit into their budget, without giving up too many prospects, so they could bring along Turris without having him playing against the top forward lines and top defensive pairings. That's just asking too much from a 19 year old.

He thinks Mueller can be a 35 goal guy this season

The trade for Jokinen allows for the "flow" of the center position where Jokinen is on the top line, Turris on the 2nd line (barring any unforseen changes he'll be playing for the Coyotes), and then Hanzal and he mentioned Porter who is a mature player who could possibly start with the Coyotes.

He indicated they would be looking at trades and free agency to fill the gaps left by Ballard/Boynton. Not looking for high end free agents, but value free agents who can give them a quality 17-18 minutes and get the puck out of their zone.

EJ Hradek: "Who can realistically make the Coyotes this season?"

DM: We feel strongly that both our first round picks can make the club.

He mentioned how Boedker is 195 lbs, compared to Turris who was not physically ready at the time he was drafted. Spoke about Tikhonov and how he has been playing against men for the last 2 years.

EJ: Why did Tikhonov fly under the radar?
DM: He moved to Russia at 15 and until last summer didn't have a russion passport so he couldn't participate in International tournaments, and scouts don't typically go to Cherapovits (sp?) to scout 17 year olds. The U-20 championships were his coming out party and the way he plays the game, his style, fits the NHL and the Coyotes style.

On Jared Staal: He's a project pick. We like his bloodlines/family, know them well from drafting Mark Staal. He has good hands, good instincts. I think he said that when he saw him his first season with Sudbury, he was like "Bambi on ice." His big weakness is his strength and that's something we think we can help him with. It's the Coyotes responsibility to convert him from a prospect to a NHL player. Make no mistake it's going to be 3-4 years unlike his brothers.

EJ: How has a GM's role changed since your days with the Islanders?
DM: More difficult financially, it is still a "brave new world", and we are still understanding it, it is a challenge and it's exciting. When the lockout ended the cap was $39M and now the floor is at $40-41M. Still trying to get a handle on salaries. The league is growing, although other markets have challenges and we are trying to develop ours. We have a great arena in Glendale/Phoenix area, and we are trying to build a championship team to get everyone behind us and then it will be great.

They also talked briefly about the recent development of acquiring assets in exchange for letting teams negotiate with UFA's in advance of July1.

On Tocchet: We wish him well, it's a fresh start for him and Barry. For replacements, he has a couple coaches in mind who fit what they are doing with the youth and their style of play.

On the difference between NY & Phoenix:

"Although I'm sitting in my car and it's 114 outside, 8 months out of the year it's the most beautiful city to live in. I loved all of my time in NY, but there is a grind, which never stops night & day. I'm enjoying the difference here. It's more relaxed, it's open, & the people are very friendly."

Maloney seems to be loving things here in Phoenix and Coyote fans are loving him right back. 

More NHL news has popped up in the last few minutes as it has been reported that the Leafs have bought out the contract of Darcy Tucker, making him a free agent when July 1st rolls around. Hopefully Sather doesn't sign him to replace Avery, if Avery does in fact sign with another team. 
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