Friday, June 27, 2008

Coyotes Prospect practice Day 1 and other news

This morning was Coyotes Prospect Camp so lets get right to it. 


Josh Tordjman- Tordjman looked very good this morning and is showing that he is growing into a top AHL goaltender and possibly a future backup to Bryz on the big club. His only weakness was his stickhandling but that is not the most important thing for him to be learning right now. He is very quick to drop in the butterfly and is able to recover from that position very quickly. He can get back into position and hugs the post very well. He also has a very quick glove hand. Definitely the best out there but it is to be expected

Scott Darling- This kid is just as big as Steve Valiquette can cover the bottom of the crease very well. He is not very fast side to side but doesn't have to be considering his long legs cover alot of ground already. His height also allows him to cover a high portion of the top of the net even when he is down in the butterfly. The kid needs to work on his overall quickness and agility if he is going to make the next level. He is a big kid who when he comes out of the net and challenges is a very tough kid to beat. 

Joel Gistedt- This young Swede looked exactly like a goalie that many of us know. He stays low to the ice and has great side to side speed. He can get back into position very quickly and can stay in that position when the play is going quick. He has good vision and covers the bottom of the ice very well, keeping low and using his speed to his advantage. He has a little trouble on the blocker side high but that will improve as time goes on. It may only be the color of his TPS pads or the helmet with the Frolunda Indian on it but this kid looks just like Henrik Lundqvist out there.

Players: For the skaters, I tried to take individual notes but there guys are all way too quick to follow. The first few that I did nail down were that Tikhonov is a very strong skater and is tough to knock off the puck. His wrist shot has a quick release. Mikkel Boedker has unbelievably quick feet and can turn on a dime. He was definitely one of the best skaters out there. 
Lines that i noticed

Defense: Billingsley-Ahnelov
       As expected, that first line was unbelievably skilled and had alot of speed. Turris and Boedker seem to have become best of friends as they were smacking each other with their sticks and laughing. But the three guys had great chemistry and really made it tough for the defensive pairings they were going up against to defend. The 2nd line was also very good. Porter and Kolarik made some great plays together considering they have played at Michigan together for awhile and in San Antonio in the AHL. They always knew where each other were. Tikhonov fit right in as the big guy who skated to the net and wasn't afraid of the the contact. His speed gave Porter an option on the other side and his wrist shot was very good. The 3rd line seemed to have some trouble getting it together for alot of the day. Staal has alot of talent but he needs to get a bit more motivated and will need to develop but he will turn into a very good player. Adam Perry is also very good and has a good shot. The 4th line was out there and the 3 guys looked very comfortable together. Summers looked great at the forward position despite the fact he mostly plays defense. He is very skilled and a good playmaker for the other 2 guys on his line.
Other things that caught my eye. Pat Brosnihan has an absolute rocket of a shot with his wrist shot unbelievable quick and hard. He took a high shot that almost took Darling's head off. Brett MacLean made a very nice back hand as he put his body between the puck and the defenseman going after him and absolutely roofed it with the flick of a wrist. Mikkel Boedker showed off by bouncing the puck on his stick, then kicking it with the back of his skate and back to his stick. 
All of these guys are very talented and the future for the Coyotes looks great. Guys like Staal, Reese, Turris, and others are all great with the kids and have great personalities. This team has a very bright future.
In Ranger news, there is a report that Jaromir Jagr has received a very big offer from Omsk in Russia. The numbers are supposedly 3 years $35 million. Whether Jagr will accept this is unknown but it is definitely Glen Sather's move now. Hopefully he doesn't try to match that number as the base salary of Jagr's contract if he tries to resign Jags. 
In other news, Todd Bertuzzi is being bought out by the Ducks and will become a free agent on July 1st. Jeff Carter has resigned with the Flyers with a 3 year $15 million deal. Check out Bryan's blog for his take on the new cap numbers and how it will affect the Islanders. Joe is also posting for a new blog. See his page for the link at the top right hand and he will also be working on his. Check out Z4defence's blog later today for a recap of her interview with Don Maloney which she conducted today at the Coyotes practice. Before she left, she said that she got some very exciting stuff out of him so definitely look for that and keep checking all the links at the side for NHL news, opinions, and history. I will put up pictures of today and tomorrow's practice together when they are edited and fixed. Keep checking back for more! 

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