Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A bit more on Sundin and a Bit off the Beaten Path

As I keep reading more hockey news, it seems that Mats Sundin wants to come to NY and play for the Rangers. If this is true, it would be nice if he took a bit of a discount so the Rangers aren't completely handcuffed financially for a year.
When I started writing this blog I said I would put what ever I wanted on it so here is something that is off the path a bit. George Carlin died a few days ago at the age of 71 of heart failure. He is arguably my favorite comedian of all time and is a true pioneer of the profession. I remember seeing him live when I was in middle school in Peekskill, NY. I have a poster at home that has over 2,000 dirty and ridiculous words compiled by the man. I have read all three of his books and every time I hear him, I laugh until my stomach hurts. Unfortunately I will get to hear no more new material of one of, if not the, funniest man to have ever made people laugh. And in the ultimate wisdom of the man himself "Tonight's forecast...dark". Here's to you George. Thanks for making me laugh and teaching me never to be afraid to voice my opinion. You will be missed.

More will be on later as reports from the Coyotes first practice come in and any other news that comes in.  

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Debbi said...

Nice tribute to Carlin..I too thought he was the absolute best!